Buy One New-to-You Ingredient Whenever You Grocery Shop

Monotony is the enemy of enjoying home-cooked food, but it’s a little harder than usual to avoid, particularly since we’re all trying to limit the number of trips we take to the supermarket. Whimsy and impulse have been replaced with caution and planning, and last-minute shop runs for a missing ingredient are not exactly “essential.”

To keep yourself from falling into a recipe rut, grab one new-to-you ingredient each time you make your needed food shop run, then incorporate it into a meal.

The ingredient can be a condiment, a vegetable you’ve never seen before, or a new grain. Don’t put too much thought into it—just grab something that strikes your fancy, and throw it into the basket with the rest of your essentials.

This is, of course, not an excuse to dawdle. If you can’t pick a new-to-you item without hemming and hawing in the aisle, then perhaps do just a touch of research before leaving your home. But I think you can manage the slightest bit of impulsivity while still getting in and out as quickly as possible. I believe in you that much.

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